MACT Claims

If you or your family is the victim of a major accident-related complaint, be sure to contact a knowledgeable car accident attorney to explain your privileges. We understand that every one of our clients deserves the best from us. We will speak to you individually and update you on the status of your case. We respond to concerns and make recommendations to ensure you know your course as well as we do. Our clients are never afraid to raise or call with concerns. We are here to help. We will research, fight and get the proper results from start to finish.

What Is MACT?

Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT) is a special court which deals with matters arising out of the motor accidents wherein the victims or the dependents of the deceased file for compensation against the owner of the vehicle, driver and the concerned insurance company. Thus, MACT deal with claims relating to loss of life and/ or property and injury cases that result from Motor Accidents.

What Are The Documents To Be Filed Along With The Claim Petition?

  • Copy of the FIR registered for the said accident.
  • Copy of Post Mortem Report, Death Report or MLC, as the case may be.
  • Age proof of the victim
  • Documents of the identity of the claimants and the relation with the deceased in a death case.
  • Original bills of expenses incurred on the treatment and the treatment record.
  • Proof of income and educational qualifications of the injured/ deceased.
  • Disability Certificate etc.

What Steps To Take In Event Of A Hit And Run Case?

The law has devised provisions to protect the rights of road accident victims when the identity of the motor vehicle causing the accident cannot be established: HIT AND RUN. A special Solatium Fund to which the contributions are made by the General Insurance Companies. The victims, their legal representatives, or dependents have to make an application to the Claims Enquiry Officer of the Sub-Division or Taluka in which the accident happened. After the due procedure enquiries, the claims shall be processed and sanctioned for the payment.

What Do We Help You With?

  • We will assist you to in the filing of the Claim Petition and the required documents in the court of proper jurisdiction.
  • A case manager shall be assigned to you who will be your point of contact during the entire period of the trial.
  • At every stage of the trial, till its finality, you shall be notified of the updates of the case.
  • We shall keep track of the lawyer assigned to you so that you face no troubles.